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Javascript smart tooltipBack

LoadTooltip = {} Object has literals which holds variables and function.

The init() function, initialize the DOM object and assign mouse events to tooltip.

//Anonymous function for initialization
init: function(){
	//Gather all the elements;
	var elem = document.getElementsByTagName(LoadTooltip.dom_elem);
	var elem_num = elem.length;
	//Loop to give event listener
	for(var i=0; i<elem_num; i++){

This init() holds "mouseover, mousemove and mouseout" events, which made this tooltip possible.

showTooltip: function(){}, create a span and appends that to body and initialize the mouse co-ordinate to that span at once.

dragTooltip: function(){}, drags the span according to mouse co-ordiante, so we can see the tooltip as moving as we move the mouse.

hideTooltip: function(){}, And at last hide tooltip hides the span as mouse moves away from respective "a" tag.

How to call and initialize DOM?

//Provide dom element for tooltip
LoadTooltip.dom_elem = 'a';
//Call init literals after window load
window.onload = LoadTooltip.init;

This is how this tooltip has been made.

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