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Smooth parallaxt effect on mouse moveBack


It is nessesory to initialize data-depth="__" between 0 to 1, this determines how far is our object. According to this movement of object calculates itself. Far the object slow will be the movement, nearer the object fast will be the movement.


.parallexWrapper{width:500px; border:solid 1px #333; margin:0 auto; position:relative; height:400px; background:#e9f4d4; overflow:hidden;}
img{display:block; margin:0 auto; position:absolute;}
.parallexWrapper div{ position:absolute; width:1000px; height:100%;left:0; transform:translateX(-250px); top:0;}
.first img{bottom:0;}
.second img{bottom:16px;}
.third{ z-index:8;}
.third img{bottom:109px;}
.fourth {z-index:7;}
.fourth img{bottom:160px;}
.fifth{z-index:6; left:50%; margin-left:-31%;}
.fifth img{ bottom:139px;}
.sixth{z-index:5; left:50%; margin-left:-31%;}
.sixth img{ left:50%; margin-left:-37px; bottom:169px;}
.seventh{z-index:4; width:500px; left:50%; margin-left:-40%;}
.seventh img{left:50%; margin-left:-172px; bottom:157px;}
.eighth img {top: 26px; right: 20px;}
.ninth img{left:50%; margin-left:-384px; top:14px;}
.tenth img{top:25px;}

Every slide should have position="absolute" and z-index has to initialize according to depth.


var parallexWrapper = document.getElementsByClassName("parallexWrapper")[0],
slide = document.querySelectorAll(".parallexWrapper div");
slideNum = slide.length,
parallexWidth = parallexWrapper.offsetWidth,
parallexLeft = parallexWrapper.offsetLeft;
parallexWrapper.addEventListener('mousemove', onMouseMove, false);

var slidesObj = {};
function Parallex(obj){
	this.obj = obj;
	this.depth = this.obj.dataset.depth;
	this.cx = 0;
	this.tx = 0;
Parallex.prototype.moveSlide = function(e){
	this.tx = (Math.round(e.clientX - parallexLeft) * this.depth);
Parallex.prototype.update = function(){
	this.cx += ( this.tx - this.cx ) * 0.05;
	this.obj.style.transform = "translate(-"+this.cx+"px)";
	window.requestAnimationFrame( this.update.bind(this) );	
for(var i=0; i < slideNum; i++){
	var elem = slide[i];
	slidesObj[i] = new Parallex(elem);

function onMouseMove( event ) {
	for(var i=0; i < slideNum; i++){
for(var i=0; i < slideNum; i++){

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