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CSS3 transform property is just awesome to create nice effect such as buubler popup. This is so easy and so smooth that one does not need any JavaScript behind such effect. This saves extra lines of code of JavaScript. This is a nice way to show details of a particular thing on webpage.

In whole css file only some style is playing vital role behind such animation. Rest style is just for decoration purpose.

Important CSS3 property explained

.navPopup {
    background: #d9bb16 none repeat scroll 0 0;
    top: 0;
    transform:scale(0,0) translateY(-100px);
    transition:all ease-out .3s;

The above style written for class navPopup has multiple css property, in which opacity, top, transform and transition is important.

At initial state the popup is hidden due to opacity:0 and the size of popup is also zero. So it is not visible to viewer.

The other transform property is translate, which helps popup to go upside by -100px at startup. So one can sat popup is 100pox above from buttons.

And transition property is just for giveing smooth animation to the popup. The animation include opacity and transform properties.

Hover CSS:

nav li:hover .navPopup{
	top: -45px;
	transform:scale(1,1) translateY(0);
	transform-origin:50% 0;

When viewer does hover on any button listed with icon, .navPopup class becomes visible i.e. opacity becomes 1, and top becomes -45px. Similarly popup comes in actual width and height by transform scale property, i.e. transform:scale(1,1) and translateY becomes 0 and top becomes -45px then the popup moves in dual way. So at last by transition property popup achieve such nice bubbler effect.

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