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Detect device by javascriptBack

It is very easy to detect device by JavaScript through "navigator.userAgent" property. This property returns information about the name, version and platform of the browser. Then JavaScript matches the name of browser, it falls in the category of mobile, it simply alerts that user is using mobile otherwise desktop/laptop.


Detect device by javascript


var isMobile = {
	Android: function() {return navigator.userAgent.match(/Android/i);},
	BlackBerry: function() {return navigator.userAgent.match(/BlackBerry/i);},
	iOS: function() {return navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone|iPad|iPod/i);},
	Opera: function() {return navigator.userAgent.match(/Opera Mini/i);},
	Windows: function() {return navigator.userAgent.match(/IEMobile/i);},
	userAgent : function() {return navigator.userAgent},
	any: function() {return (isMobile.Android() || isMobile.BlackBerry() || isMobile.iOS() || isMobile.Opera() || isMobile.Windows());}
var displayResult = document.getElementById("displayResult");
	var result = "


"+ isMobile.userAgent()+"

Hey!, You are using Mobile

"; displayResult.innerHTML = result; }else{ var result = "


Hey!, You are using Desktop

"; displayResult.innerHTML = result; }

Although all devices has not been covered but, maximum number of devices has been covered.

how to use

Simply copy and paste the code inside script tag and place it in header tag and, you can place your stuff by replacing alert statement accordingly, if it is for mobile or desktop/laptop.

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