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Tabs to accordion never been an easy task, many of developer makes two versions, one for desktop and another for mobile, which leads to extra coding as well as extra elements on page, adding to this page loading speed goes verse. So here is a very simple way to show tabs into accordion during window resize. This plugin is very small and banificial for user to go with tabs in desktop version and forget about mobile version. Plugin simply grabs those tabs and sets it into an accordion.

It is quiet simple to add this plugin.

HTML structure

List of tabs

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Contact

Tabs details


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Step 1

Get window size and call .respTabAccord() with options within document ready.

	transition : 'fade',
	speed : 400,

Step 2

Call accordion() and tabSetup() according to window size you want. Such as:

if(window_w <= 640){

Step 3

Call step 2 within window resize function after getting window width, DONE... :)

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