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Characters limit in textareaBack


Limit characters in textarea and restrict user to type further and make user to add only one space between words.

//Set number of charecters limit
var max_chartecter = 100;
//Eqaute remaining charectera with max charectera first time
var charLeft = max_chartecter;
	//Remove any charecters fro textarea on load
	//Show max charecters in the display area
//Keydown event for textarea
//Keyup event for textarea

function countCharecters(elem){
	//Variable to store textarea value
	var commentVal = elem.val();
	//Replace space from either side except one
	commentVal = commentVal.replace(/\s\s+/g, ' ');
	//Set value property to textarea
	//Count number of charecters have been entered
	var textareaVal_length = commentVal.length;
	//get difference of total charecters and chatecters entered
	charLeft = max_chartecter - textareaVal_length;

	if(charLeft > 0){		
		//Enter the charecters left in span of p tag to display result
		//Finally grab characters from 0 to max charecters limit
		commentVal = commentVal.substring(0, max_chartecter);
		//and set to textarea value property
		//Enter the charecters left in span of p tag to display result

It is required to give both keydown and keyup event. Because, if anybody press any key for long time then, characters become uncountable and result goes beyond scope. So to finally get the required amount of characters, keyup event is necessary

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