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Copy text from browser to clipboard.

Button event which perform copy option.

Function copyText(this) has a parameter this, this is just to target the button DOM.

Now copyText() function

function copyText(elem){
	var prevElem = elem.previousElementSibling;

	if(prevElem.tagName == "TEXTAREA" && hasClass(prevElem, "selectableCon") == false){

		//Select content from textarea by select() function

		//Set DOM to contentEditable = true otherwise.
		prevElem.contentEditable = true;

		//Use execCommand that will execute selection command
		document.execCommand("selectAll", true, null);

		//Set contentEditable to false otherwise user can edit
		prevElem.contentEditable = false;


	//Copy command called

copyText(elem), has a parameter "elem", this holds the button DOM which has been clicked. Now through this button, function is going to target the element from which text will be copied. Then previousElementSibling targets to the element which is just behind the button DOM which has been clicked. This can be a textarea or div.

TEXTAREA or DIV this has been checked in the if statement, and also has been checked for availability of selectableCon class. This has been checked by hasClass() function, which is at bottom.

Function to check availability of class

function hasClass(element, cls) {
	return ( + element.className + ).indexOf( + cls + ) > -1;

It has two parameter element and cls. "element" is for the element on which this function will perform and "cls" is for the class which has to be checked.

Function that selects text in textarea


Here "prevElem" is the element which has been targeted in "copyText()" function, and select() selects the text inside selected area, if it is a "TEXTAREA". Otherwise if previous element is a "div", then "prevElem.contentEditable = true;" has been initialized. Otherwise "execCommand()" will not execute itself.

After then, again remove contentEditable attribute by "removeAttribute("contentEditable");" function, So that one can not further edit after selection.

Copy function:

function copyCommand(elem){
	var range = document.createRange();

Copy command create the range of selection, selectNode() function targets element from where data has to be selected. Similarly, getSelection() grabs selected content and addRange() defines the selected data.

Finally, document.execCommand("copy"), copy the selected text to clipboard.

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