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Css3 border radius property

"border-radius" property helps us in creating circles on the page. This smoothes the corners of elements according to the value provided. More value in px or %, more round it would be.

Ex: border-radius:50%, it will smooth all corners to 50%, resulting a circle on the page.

Css3 @keyframes property

This property facilitate us to animate some property of css, by giving value in from and to options.

Here animation animate css transform property. It rotates from 0deg to 359deg and continues for infinity.

@keyframes rotateAsteroids{
	from{ transform: rotate(0deg);}
	to{ transform: rotate(359deg);}

And applying thus frames in css animation property:

animation: rotateAsteroids 60s linear infinite;

Where "rotateAsteroids" will be any animation name which has been given for keyframes, 60s is the duration to complete the animation and linear provides the mode of animation such as ease-in, ease-out, means how smooth animation will be and at last infinite is the value of itiration-count, means how long this animation will continues.

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