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Real time content editBack

This can b achieved by only applying the javascript property ("contentEditable") when user double click on the container, and when user clicks outside the div a blur event executes, which replace the value of editableContent from true to false.

Code has been explained below:

    loadDom = function(){
	//Get the editable container id and store it in a variable
	var editableContainer = document.getElementById('editableContainer');
	//Add double click event on eidatble container id
			editableContainer.ondblclick = function(){
	//Add class to the eidatble container
	this.className = 'editable';
	//Add editable property to eidatble container and give the vlaue to true
	this.contentEditable = true;
//Add on blur event on eidatble container id
editableContainer.onblur = function(){
	//Add editable property to eidatble container and give the vlaue to false
	editableContainer.contentEditable = false;
	//remove the class name to restore the design
	editableContainer.className = '';
	//Run ajax to strore the content of the editable container.
	var editableContainerHTML = editableContainer.innerHTML;
	//Check for result
//load the DOM on page load
window.onload = function(){

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